Sunday, December 21, 2008

table setting

I love linnens, and dishes, as well as an elegant table setting. So... I have to include them on my blog - right? The first two shots are from the Christmas party tonight, and the last two are from Thanksgiving at my mom's house. So fun... for me at least!

Baker Christmas Party

It was the annual Baker Christmas party, and we were the hosts this year. I have many more photos. Too many to add, so I am going to try to figure out how to do a slide show, and edit this post more later. It was a fun night, with great food, great family, and great white elephants! Merry Christmas!

Gingerbread houses

We were back at it again. We did gingerbread houses yet again. It was fun, and fun to see what everyone comes up with.

Baker Village

Wayne Manor

Risa's rest stop

Sophie's Chalet

Conrad's Castle

Hot chocolate bliss!

After a fun time playing in the snow... the girls came in for a warm snack! They had hot chocolate made with milk instead of water... thanks dad! Their favorite part was stirring the cocoa with a candy cane. It gave the whole thing a nice minty flavor! What cute girls!

A old, and a new tradition...

My Grandpa Terburg was born and raised in The Netherlands. He came to the United States in his late teens, where he met my grandmother, and settled in Florida. He used to tell my dad what Sinter Klaas day was like in The Netherlands when he was a child. My dad told us the same story every year at Christmastime. I wanted him to share this with my children too. So, we invited my dad over on Dec 5th to share the story. The 5th day of Dec, is Sinter Klaas day in The Netherlands. We thought we would try setting out wooden shoes, and see if he would visit us here as well.

This was a special year. I was only able to find 3 pair of wooden shoes, so my dad brought his dad's, and Conrad got to use them. Guess what? Sinter Klaas did come!

This is a shot of my dad sitting with Conrad after sharing the story. The man in the photo is Grandpa Terburg. It was a special night, one I am sure the kids will remember for a long time, and if not, we got it all on tape! Thanks dad!

Of course Conrad had to try on the shoes...

And so did Soph.

The Manger show

In Farmington, for the past 30 years, the neighborhood I grew up in has put on a manger show in a barn on main street. You go and watch the program, while sitting hay. They have real animals, and a real baby most years. We went with our fabulous neighbors, the Butchers. It was great fun.

You know me, I had to pester the wise men into letting us get a photo with them. Thank you wise men. You are very wise.

The kids had fun with the Animals.

They told me a goat tried to buck Conrad, but I didn't see it. After the manger show, we went to Dairy Queen. It was a fun night!

Temple square - A family tradition

After dinner at the Gateway, we jumped on the tracks, and rode to Temple Square to see the lights. We arrived early, so we spent some time in the Visitor's Center before the lights were turned on.

We walked the pathway to the Christus. It was a lovely walk. We did not make it to Temple Square last year, because we were busy with the move, and it was too cold when we were available, so this is the first year the kids actually understood what was going on. There was such a nice spirit in the visitors center, and I think we all felt it.

We also watched the manger scene. I have loved that ever since I was a child, and hope my kids will feel the same way.

Can't beat a photo in front of the Temple!

Talking to Santa

So, I was in Seagull the other day, looking for Christmas books, and low and behold... the real Santa was there. I called Wayne right away, and told him to bring the kiddos. He did, and the kids each told him what they wanted for Christmas, and that they had been good this year. I think the kids were a little overwhelmed. We then got a hand autographed copy of, "Twas the night before Christmas." I think we will love that book for many years to come. Look at Conrad pulling his beard! Yep, he's the real deal!

Decorating the tree

Decorating the tree is always a fun night. We do it the weekend following Thanksgiving. As a tradition my mom started for me, we each get a new ornament of our very own every year. We write out name, and the year on it. I took all mine with me when I got married. I started doing this for Wayne when we got married, and he has quite the collection now. We all have a great time getting out old ornaments from previous years, and looking at them. Each ornament brings back a memory, and reminds us of Christmases past. I have ornaments from the 70's that I still hang on my tree. They are great, and very nostalgic. Thanks mom, for making Christmas fun for us when we were little, and for teaching me how to do it for my own family.