Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Projects are fun! Especially new paint!

So, blue is a bit tricky. It looks kind of bright in this photo, but is a little more subdued in real life.

I was very nervous at first, but ended up happy with the end result.

Painting the dining room, also helped tone down the blue, and now they work nicely together.

Love my new plate racks! The blue wall looks crazy in this shot!

Another angle of the dining room.

Fishing with Pumpah

My dad called the other day, and said the fishing was, "hot," at Farmington pond. He asked the kids and Wayne to go. They were so excited, and each caught around fifteen fish! Conrad has not stopped asking to go fishing again. It must run in the genes.

Sophie's singing program

Soph had a singing program on Friday. She was awesome, and was one of the only kids who had fully memorized her lines. She said them with the proper inflection too.
We were so proud of her.

Sophie with neighborhood friends who were also in the singing group.
The program was called "Bugz."

Conrad is an Orange Belt!

Congratulations Conrad on receiving your Orange belt! You are awesome!

Monday, April 21, 2008


Final night in front of the Castle.

Waiting for the Parade on our final night.

Playing in the fountain in California Adventure was great fun.

We love Monster's Inc.

Sophie in the flowers.

Conrad didn't like Jack Sparrow at all. This was the best photo I could get!

The kids LOVED the Peter Pan ride best.

Sophie wanted to meet Fairy God Mother last year, and didn't get to. She was so excited that she got to this time. Fairy God Mother was ever-so-sweet.

The kids both picked a souvenir stuffed animal. They took good care of the the whole trip. Sophie got Minnie, and Conrad picked Pluto. They fed them and slept with them.

This is one we have never seen - The Queen. She was not the most pleasant :0)

Flick and Atta. We waited to meet these ones, and they were very fun and full of energy.

With mom in the tea cups.

Pluto came to meet us before the parade.

Conrad has a strange obsession with mermaids. We went to lunch at Ariel's grotto, and the kids got a crown to decorate. Conrad decorated it for Ariel, and insisted on giving it to her. I think he was disappointed she wasn't in tail. He says what he likes about mermaids is their tails.

Sleeping Beauty drinking fountain.