Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fishing with Pumpah

My dad called the other day, and said the fishing was, "hot," at Farmington pond. He asked the kids and Wayne to go. They were so excited, and each caught around fifteen fish! Conrad has not stopped asking to go fishing again. It must run in the genes.


Bear said...

Great to hear! I love fishing!

Dan&Patrice said...

Hey Risa, this Dan Farnsworth (Patrice's Husband), this comment has nothing to do with your post (which is fun by the way), but I remember that your hubby Wayne works for Fidelity. I've got an interview with them this week and would love to talk about working for the company with you and him, cuz rumor has it you used to work there too (isn't that where you met?). (Don't you just love how much I used parentheses on this comment?)

Shieldsfam said...

can't wait to take my girls. Derek hates to fish but I hope my girls will like it as much as I do!