Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baptism Party Favors

Sophie wanted to give out something for her baptism with her picture on it, so this is what I came up with. My mom, and the kids and I made them the day before, and my cute friend Candy tied all the tulle on. Thanks mom and Candy! You're the best!!!

Conrad ate more marshmallows than he made :)

Soph ate as many as she made :)

Kira was our cute little model at the lunch following the baptism.

I think they turned out SO CUTE!!!

Seriously... what adult, or child wouldn't want one of these :)

How darling!?!

If you want to do this, you will need gigantic marshmallows. I found these in Salt Lake City at a Mexican Market. I didn't write down the name, but it is on 33rd South, just above state street, on the south side of the street, across from the movie theater.

They are so huge... I wonder how they are roasted by a campfire? They are $3.99 a bag. You get 30 in a bag. They are about half and half white to pink. I bought two bags, and made 30 sticks.

You also need wooden dowels. I forgot to take a picture, but mine are about 12 inches long, and they are from Wal-mart. Sucker sticks do not work. They are too short.

I just used crystal white sprinkles from Wal-mart. You could do all sorts of sprinkles, or nuts, or coconut. Put the sprinkles in a bowl, and use a spoon to sprinkle the sprinkles over the wet chocolate.

Almond bark. Melt in the microwave. You could add food coloring if you like. I just wanted white.

You can use all sorts of kitchen tools to apply the color. Below is the end of a wooden spoon, used to make polka-dots.

Egg strainer to make big polka-dots.

Paint brush for patterns.

Mini cheese graters for rectangles.

The side of a fork for making straight lines.

Cookie cutter for shapes. If I had known I was going to use cookie cutters, I would have bought a flower or some additional shapes.

End of a wooden spoon for dots.

Here is how they looked without the embellishments.

Finished product... SO CUTE!!!

Fun memory for a special day :)

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