Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My three favorite men in the whole world!

My cute dad stopped in last night, while Conrad and Wayne were playing trains. When I went in the room, it was such a happy site. I just had to take a picture. It made my heart happy!

Conrad has a whole slue of train hats and bandannas. Wayne said Conrad was the only one in control of the controller. Wayne never even touched it. Conrad knew just what to do to couple the trains.

Look mommy, a tundle!

When my dad was leaving, I said, "Conrad it so cute. " My dad agreed, and added, "Conrad has a good dad." I couldn't agree more. I feel so blessed with the men in my life. Thank you!

Girls tRips aRe the beSt!

I LOVE my new neighborhood, and I LOVE my new girlfriends!
A few of us went to St George for the weekend. It was so much fun.

Wherever there are girls, there will be pink! We went to Wal-mart, and bought pink floats. It was like a mist of pink in the pool. It was so nice to relax... after we got them blown up and we weren't lightheaded any more!

We went to Tuacan, and saw Sound Of Music. It was great fun. They always put on a great show!

Yes, we saw a real storm trooper in Target. We stopped him... well, I did, and asked for a photo with him. He said yes, as long as we didn't tell his wife! hehe. It was a fun night!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Recital Season

Sophie's recital is tonight. This is her 3rd year in dance. I have to admit that every time I attend a recital, or dress rehearsal, I get a bit teary. There is just something about seeing your sweet innocent daughter up on stage with other sweet innocent girls, feeling the music, and dancing their little hearts out in a tutu bum. Maybe it is the fluff, maybe it is the music, maybe it is so much youth and innocence all in one room. I just love it, and am looking forward to attending the full recital tonight. Doesn't she look so pretty???

Conrad sat through the rehearsal, bless his heart. He was a bit bored, but happy to see his sis after it was all over.

I took some of the cute neighbor girls to the rehearsal, and thought I would take a few shots of them and their best poses, afterwards. Sophie, MaKenna, and Izzy. Aren't they cute?

There really is something about a tutu bum. I just love it!

More B-day fun...

So... I kept putting this off, thinking that I was going to include more photos of Conrad's b-day along with his friend's party. But, alas, I have not given it yet. We are still waiting for a good time. So, I thought I would throw in a few photos from his actual birth day.

Yes, I always have to include pictures of the cake. I have never done this technique before, but it wasn't too hard. I had fun doing it.

Conrad LOVED the cake!

We had nice friends and family come over. It was a great day. We love you Conrad!

King for a day!

For Father's day this year, we decided to make Wayne, King for a day!

The kids and I had much fun planning what to do for him.

We made him a throne, and crown.

We left him books, magazines, and his lap top, along with a bell to ring any time he wanted anything. The kids had a great time rubbing his feet, and bringing him things. He also requested live performances from them. They each took turns singing him songs. They he wanted them to watch a movie with him, so they did. It was a great day. You are a great Father, Wayne! We love you!

School's out for summer!

Sophie's last day of school. She was so excited, but I have to admit I was a little bit sad to see her get off the Kindergarten bus for the last time. She is growing so fast.
We are going to have a great summer.

Beloved Jan and Renee

We love Jan and Renee! They surprised us the other day, and came to visit. They brought gifts for the kids. They came in their cool car, and even gave the kids a spin. We had a nice chat on the patio. We were sad when they left, and wished they could build a house right across the street. We have a lot picked out for them. We think of them, and miss them every day. We were so lucky to get to live next door from them for 6 years, and are better people because we know them. We love you Jan and Renee!