Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Projects are fun! Especially new paint!

So, blue is a bit tricky. It looks kind of bright in this photo, but is a little more subdued in real life.

I was very nervous at first, but ended up happy with the end result.

Painting the dining room, also helped tone down the blue, and now they work nicely together.

Love my new plate racks! The blue wall looks crazy in this shot!

Another angle of the dining room.


Lindy said...

I love it Risa, since as I am sure you guessed blue is my favorite color. I really love accent walls, I cannot wait until we have our own house so I can do whatever I want with it, but that won't be for like another five years, so I will just covet yours!

Christy said...

Very nice! I'll have to come over and see it in person!

Candy said...

Sure looks great, even better in person.
Love your house, your decor is so nice.
Also love your laundry room table!

Mindi said...

Looks great! Isn't fun to see what a little color on the walls does for a room?

I know all about BLUE. After two failed attempts to find the "perfect" blue for my kitchen.. I gave up! (I wasn't doing it myself and it was getting too expensive to make it worth it). So I'm living with the current shade (it's not THAT bad, it's just not exactly what I was hoping), besides this is a rental.. so who cares! I'll know what I don't want for next time.

Disneyland looked fun for all of you! What a great tan you have... already! Happy Springtime!

Wendy said...

That is a beautiful shade of blue...I'll have to come see it in person! Your house is gorgeous.