Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sophie and Daddy's Backpacking Trip to the Uintas 8/2/08

This is Wayne the pseudo blogger describing Sophie's first backing trip to the picturesque Uinta Mountains. We hiked the rocky Island Lake Trail to Long Pond. On this hike, we learned how to negotiate large rocks, steep switchbacks and stream crossings! (not to mention going potty with OUT the potty!) We hiked in 3 1/2 miles up the contoured mountain until we reached the most perfect beautiful camp spot near the pond/river. Sophie was such a great hiker, we had a riot. It was especially enjoyable for me to engage upon a downright deep conversation as Sophie taught me the "way to happiness" while eating granola bars and playing with her stuffed animal dangling from her pack. Can we do this again soon???

Here we sit at the trailhead deciding whether or not to hike or wait for the storm to pass. The storm never came, so off we went! You can see the antipcation on Sophie's face as we put on our hiking boots and hoist our packs on our backs. I have never seen my Vortex Pack loaded to it's gizzard like it was on this trip. HEAVY!!!

Here Sophie the Master Hiker stands proudly after conquering her first stream crossing! I was a bit worried she wouldn't be able to get across without taking a dip, and I would have to unhitch my pack to carry her across. She made it across without skipping a beat! It was a wet year so the water was still very present in the meadows and streams. We filtered water a couple times on the way in since we would rather drink fresh cold water from snow melt than hot water that had been on a long car ride!

Here Sophie is strutting her stuff, (stuffed animal and all) as we approach an ascent half way into the journey. The trail was in bedded with roots and rocks as these pics don't quite do the scenery or trail justice. Sophie will attest that it was indeed a rock garden for the majority of the trek!

In this picture Sophie is 1/4 mile from our campsite with Mt. Watson (11,522 ft) keeping watch over Long Lake. It was very quiet here with exception of trout attacking a bug on the surface of the water. I wanted to try my luck with a #20 Adams and see what kind of trout this lake housed. There is a well constructed footbridge spanning the outlet from Long Lake so we didn't need to change footwear at this crossing. As you can see, this is a vast barren land with no indication of human presence other than the footbridge. Sophie was a trooper wearing a permi-grin the entire excursion!

While I was trying to shoehorn all the gear in my backpack, Sophie took the liberty of snapping pictures around our campsite capturing this awesome pic. This is 50 feet or so from where our tent was pitched in an amazing setting! Can you tell what is a reflection and what is real? That girl has some talent in more ways than one!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Conrad has an imaginary friend, named Kookie. He has been with us for over a year. He gets blamed for many things that Conrad doesn't want to take ownership of, like messing up his room, or doing things he is not supposed to do.

So, Conrad had the runs today. We had to change h is pants a few times. The first time he had an accident, he was standing in the room with me, and I saw it happen. I think it surprised him, and he said, "mom, I have poop in my pants, and Kookie did it." Then, the next time he had an accident, he told me a spider crawled up his leg, into his pants, and pooped in his underwear. He told me this a few times today. I really don't know how to react to him all the time. I wonder if he thinks I really believe him, and sometimes, I think he really believes himself. I have some good blackmail for the future, if nothing else. :)

This is one of my favorite photos of him, in his goggle phase, eating his cereal with a fork, by his choosing, of course...

This was his favorite outfit for a long time... rain or shine. His "monkey backpack," which was actually a leash, "cool boots," and gloves. We finally had to hide the boots, as they started to stink so bad. He was really not happy about it at first.

He is just such a funny child. I had to include some photos from my pre-blogging days.


This has been a long time coming, but I wanted to congratulate Mace and Jo on their upcoming marriage. I am so happy for Mace, as is my mom (obvious in the photo). After the family camp out a few weeks ago, Sophie came home and said... "I see why Mace likes Jo so much. She is so nice. I see why he likes her and he loves her." I couldn't agree more. I am looking forward to getting to know you better Jo, and looking forward to making many memories in the future. Again, congratulations! I can't wait!


So... Holty got accepted to Law School in Oklahoma. We had a farewell party for him at my house on Thursday night. I love Holt and Lindy, and am really going to miss them so much. I guess it's only three years - right?

Look at my HANDSOME brothers! This is the last photo of them together, before Mace is no longer a single guy, and Holt leaves. Do you believe they used to torture me when I babysat? Well, I tortured them too from what they tell me :)

Holt, Lindy, and my mama. We are going to miss you!!! I feel like I have gotten to know Lindy better over the past little while. I have a great appreciation for her, and am glad Holt close her to be his wife. She is a super addition to the family, and a great friend. I am totally going to miss her too. Love you Lindy!

Sophie and one of her idols... Aunt Angie! Whenever we have a family get-together, Sophie asks if the Aunts are coming. Angie was the first one on the Terburg side, and Sophie sticks to her like glue! If I had the time I probably would too. Love you Angie.

In the pterodactyl costume yet again. Conrad loves this costume. He had to put it on for the farewell party! He wore it to his friend's b-day party. Even though his little face was beet red, and he was so hot, he kept it on, because it was a dinosaur party, and of course it was the perfect time to wear it. He also likes to wear it to the grocery store, among other places, and I let him. I think it is cute, and kinda funny. We get many smiles when we are out in it.

My mama and her parents. It is always fun when grandma and grandpa come to the party!

My Sweet Father-in-law

I really think I have the sweetest, loving and kind Father-in-law I could ever ask for. I am truly thankful for him. We had him over on Sunday for his birthday dinner. It was fun, and we had great food! This is a photo of Margaret, Allen, and all their grandkids gathered around. We love you all!

4th of July

So... my camera has been lost for nearly a month, and Sophie found it under her bed the other day, so I can finally update my blog!

Some neighbors and I organized a little parade, BBQ, and fireworks for the neighborhood on the 4th of July. It was very much fun. The kids got to decorate their bikes and scooters, and ride around. I hope it will become a tradition, and grow each year in the future. Thanks to all for your help.

I think many of us moms shop at Wal-mart. It was like the kids were in uniform.

Conrad, my Dad, and I hanging out on the steps, watching the fireworks.

Another parade shot. It was a great night, with great food! By the way... I have many more photos of the night, if any of you neighbors would like copies, I can upload them to Costco, or wherever, and send you the link. Just let me know.