Sunday, November 16, 2008


So... I know I have been promising this to you for a long time now dad... here goes. On Sept 21, vandals let the mink loose from the mink farm right down the street from us. They announced this at church in sacrament, my friend Holly and I thought we had better check it out. We left church, and came home to find one in her back yard. It was not a fighter, and we caught it easily by putting a bucket over it. They we went to my house, but didn't find anything. We went back to church and when it was over, I went back to my house, and there was one sitting on my porch. I yelled for the kids to get away, and called the neighbor. Mike, Wendy, and I chased the thing all over two yards for about 10 minutes, before we were finally able to catch it. It was fast and feisty! I wish you could have seen us all running in our church clothes. I am sure it was a sight! After I told her what was going on, my mom called the news, and they came out and interviewed us. Of course the clip they used was of me acting like a freak, when I had a normal conversation with them before, but what do you expect? Here it is:

My mom told my dad about it, and he came out to see the action. I thought he just wanted to watch, but was surprised when he opened his trunk, and low and behold... there was a mink catching kit. It consisted of gloves, a grabber stick, and 2 cages. I knew he wanted to get in on the action. My dad's the best!

I think he caught about 3 or 4.

Wayne caught about six when he was out helping the neighbors.

The mink were mad when they were caught. They screech, and give off a terrible odor.

Most of the action was in the feild to the west of us, and right east of the mink farm. Mink farmerts were there helping round them up, and many were holding 4 at a time. I saw blood, and many mad minks. It was the most exciting Sunday I can remember.


Rebecca Neville said...

That clip was funny, I so miss you. That would be a fun sunday!

Wendy said...

I didn't realize the mink farm was that close to where you live. You were cute on the news clip! What excitement!

Shauna said...

Oh what a story! yea, I saw your Facebook update after the fact; but, was quite surprised to be watching the news & lo & behold, there is my ol' friend Risa! You are as cute as ever! :} (and didn't appear to be friekin' out so much like you think! I could just tell it brought some excitement to the neighborhood!)

Candy said...

That was fun!
Ok, but not for the Mink Farmer.
Nice pics