Sunday, November 16, 2008

nothing sewn

This is my latest project. I am going to make drapes for the family room. Wayne surprised me with a fabulous new sewing machine a few weeks ago, so now I get to make drapes for this room! I will update with a photo as soon as they are finished. I am hoping this week.

I don't know what the deal is with the lighting. Maybe I didn't have my flash on, but here are some curtains I made without any sewing. It is all just fabric that has been tucked, and I love it.

I also did these without any sewing. They were the easiest ever!


Keith, Karen, & Karson said...

your home is gorgeous!! just like your family!!

Patti said...

Love it! You are so talented. It is coming along very nicely.

Shauna said...

so talented! That's the kind of curtains I need to make..I was a straight A student until sewing class came around! :} Love your home, it's so beautiful & homey!!