Sunday, December 21, 2008

Decorating the tree

Decorating the tree is always a fun night. We do it the weekend following Thanksgiving. As a tradition my mom started for me, we each get a new ornament of our very own every year. We write out name, and the year on it. I took all mine with me when I got married. I started doing this for Wayne when we got married, and he has quite the collection now. We all have a great time getting out old ornaments from previous years, and looking at them. Each ornament brings back a memory, and reminds us of Christmases past. I have ornaments from the 70's that I still hang on my tree. They are great, and very nostalgic. Thanks mom, for making Christmas fun for us when we were little, and for teaching me how to do it for my own family.

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Shauna said...

We have that same tradition, I love it! The only thing is I had a hard time taking my old ones growing up with me, since they were such a part of my mom & dad's tree. So, those are still there for now..but, I love how each ornament brings a special memory!