Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grilfriend Halloween Party

I needed something to occupy my time last fall, and decided to throw a Girls only Halloween party. After losing the baby, I needed something to do to take my mind off things. I also wanted to say thank you to many the girlfriends who helped me through it. So, what better way than throwing them a party!

I was Kate Gooselin (in case you couldn't tell.) I think Kate Lee here, would be Jon. I could not find a wig anywhere, so I got this one, turned it upside down, and gave myself a haircut. Maybe I should have been a beautician.

Everyone had to bring food, and it was super fabulous!

Everything was so spooky, and all the girls went all-out! Love you girls!

I made all the napkins, and planned the table setting.

A couple neighbors helped me make the ballerina skeletons. Aren't they just SO CUTE!?!
I wish the picture was better. They even have painted toenails!

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