Sunday, February 28, 2010

My first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner!

If course, all month I had the table in the formal dining room set up with Thanksgiving decor.

I made all the linens for the kids table. I thought it turned out cute.

Sophie really wanted to be a pilgrim this year for Thanksgiving. I almost told her, "no," when she asked me to make her a costume, but she is only young once, and I had fun doing it. She looked so cute, and had fun wearing it. She even packed a pilgrim baby around with her for the day. Con had fun dressed as an Indian, but that is more of an every-day occurrence for him. Notice, he wore his horse to dinner ?

A the last minute, out nice friends the Houston's were able to come to dinner. We had fun getting to know them. They are so well-traveled, and full of stories and adventures. They were great! We enjoyed getting to know them better.

Evia enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.

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