Sunday, February 28, 2010

I had a super-fun night planned for Christmas Eve. I had a night full of games and food and friends in mind, but I ended up being sick with stomach flu the whole night before and day of. It was not fair! But, we still had fun anyway.

We had dinner in the formal dining room, on the cute babushka plates my mom gave me for my birthday. We told the story of the babushka and ate.

We then played a few games. The kids got to make a Christmas Tree out of Dad. They had SO MUCH fun doing it, and I don't think Wayne minded a bit!

They got to each open a gift from each other. (This is a tradition I had as a kid. We all drew names, and exchanged one gift on Christmas Eve.)It was so fun for me and Wayne to take the kids out to pick gifts for each other. They were very thoughtful, and really tried to think what the other person would want. I loved watching them do it. They are learning not to just think about themselves. I was so proud of them.

Reindeer dust and oats to attract the reindeer...

I think they saw him... I hope it was as magical for them as it was for me.

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