Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Christmas Morning

Christmas morning messes are the best messes of the year!

Santa wrapped everything this year. Sounds like a lot of work to me... But, I bet he will do it again in the future. It really was more fun!

Did I mention I made us all matching pajama pants. It was so fun.

I don't know what Conrad liked more, candy or toys.

Our house was lego central!

So, right in the middle of opening presents, Sophie started throwing up. The poor little thing was trying to be excited about her gifts, but it seemed like she threw up in between every gift she opened :( Wayne got it later that day. We were a bunch of sickies. It was no fair! Still a fun and memorable day though.

Santa left his bag...

I wish these pictures were better, but when the kids woke up Christmas morning, they had a big surprise!

Sophie's hand on her mouth shows how surprised she was.

Santa left his bag!!!

He must not have had tome to unpack everything.

Sophie's eyes show exactly how she felt. I think Con was still a little asleep!

Conrad got to get the gifts out for everyone.
I had a super-fun night planned for Christmas Eve. I had a night full of games and food and friends in mind, but I ended up being sick with stomach flu the whole night before and day of. It was not fair! But, we still had fun anyway.

We had dinner in the formal dining room, on the cute babushka plates my mom gave me for my birthday. We told the story of the babushka and ate.

We then played a few games. The kids got to make a Christmas Tree out of Dad. They had SO MUCH fun doing it, and I don't think Wayne minded a bit!

They got to each open a gift from each other. (This is a tradition I had as a kid. We all drew names, and exchanged one gift on Christmas Eve.)It was so fun for me and Wayne to take the kids out to pick gifts for each other. They were very thoughtful, and really tried to think what the other person would want. I loved watching them do it. They are learning not to just think about themselves. I was so proud of them.

Reindeer dust and oats to attract the reindeer...

I think they saw him... I hope it was as magical for them as it was for me.

The yearly treck to Temple Square

We look forward to it every year. Packing the kids up, and going to see the lights.

I went in early with the kids, and Wayne met us at the Planetarium for a show, then went back to work while we watched another show. It was a fun day. We met up afterwards for Temple Square, and then dinner at the Sky Box. It is nice having a husband who works in the Gateway.

I think the kids like the gift shop at the Planetarium more than about anything else. We always have to allot time for them to play with these balls!

Ward Christmas Party and Santa!

The ward Christmas party is always a good time. I brought orange rolls, and by the time we got through the buffet line, they were gone. Darn it! The kids were not sure this was the real Santa, as they saw him get into a car after the party, and not onto a sleigh...

St. Lucia Day

My cute girlfriend Kami does Christmas around the world for her kids every year, and gave me all her stuff to copy, so I could start doing it for my family as well. The Swedish tradition, is that the oldest girl in the family dresses up as St Lucia, and delivers cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate to family members while they are in bed on the morning of St. Lucia day.

We tried it out this year, and Sophie just ate it up! She loved it, and we all liked the service :)

These are the times to remember, cause they will not last forever...

Cute Neighbors

My cute neighbor had a Christmas party for the girls on the street only. She made all the little girls matching aprons that they got to wear while they served us, and then keep after. Sophie LOVED it, and really felt cool being able to be there with girls only!

New Moon Premire!!!

So, I am not totally obsessively into the whole Twilight thing. But, I do admit that I liked the books while I read them. I have read them all once, with the exception of Twilight, which I read twice.

My cute friend Wendi (hand on Edward's leg - above) got tickets to the premier, and I got to go. We had a way fun night, and I do have to admit... I liked this movie way better than Twilight.

Posing with the cast

I am all about Jake. Hie is stronger, and warmer and not a stalker. He wins.

Migrating birds

So, I looked out my window in mid November (yes, I know this post is in the wrong order) and saw all these birds flying from yard to yard. The pictures don't even do justice to the scene, but I thought I would post anyway.

It was like a sea of birds on every yard. It felt like a strange eerie movie or something.

Birthday Lunch for ME!

So, on top of my surprise party, Christine planned a birthday lunch for me.
I feel so very loved! I hope everyone is not sick of my birthday!

Happy 35th B-day to me!

Should I admit that I am 35? Yes, I think so. I feel good about it, and had a great birthday that I will always remember. Wayne sent me out with my girlfriend DL, and he and Kristen planned a surprise birthday party for me.

I did have a little bit of a clue that something was going on, but didn't know for sure. It was fun to walk in and see all my cute friends faces :)

The kids were super excited that it was a surprise.

I feel so loved! Thanks everybody!

Con's church talk

Conrad gave a talk in church about how our family gives service to others. If I ever find it, I will post the words with the pics, but he ended with this top picture, and him saying,
"Service makes me feel a-o-k!"

Sinter Klaas Day American Style (2nd time around)

Sinter Klaas visited last year for the first time. So, we thought we would do it again this year. We started doing a 12 days of Christmas thing with the kids this year, and of course, Holland is on the list. Again, we had my dad over to tell the stories told to him by his father who grew up in Holland. The kids loved it, and loved trying on the shoes!

Yia yia brought sprinkles, bread and butter over to have for dessert.
Con thought it was the best thing ever!

My dad started doing this on his mission in Holland,
and I remember doing it from time to time as a kid.

Before dinner with Yia yia

My dad telling the story to Soph. Notice she is wearing the shoes?