Sunday, May 1, 2011

Halloween at Gardner Village

Halloween at Gardner Village is one of our very most favorite things to do in October. The kids go on a scavenger hunt, looking for all the witches, and then they get to have signatures from the witches working there. Here are a few...

Hat ride to the witch's house.

Exploring inside the house.

The witch that lives there, also won the 2010 Witches Pageant! She is a celebrity!

Tour of the witch's yard.

Petting the goat!

Back in the house before we left.

Witch host on the hay ride back.

She had a crush on Wayne, and told him she could be his polygamist wife.

More time in the village.

The kids always like Witchie Poo!


Hard to do that to such a cute face!

Time for cookies in the bake shop!

It did not disappoint again this year, and is at the top of our Halloween to-do list!

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