Sunday, May 1, 2011

Halloween at This is The Place State Park

This ended up being such a fun day with the Butchers.

The kids got to go trick-or-treating, and pioneers answered the doors :)

Then we went to a little miniature play town. What a CUTE bunch of kids!

Look at those eyes!

Pretty girlie!

Cute friends!


The kids liked the petting zoo the best!

Crafts were stationed in different houses. The kids loved it!

Exploring the different houses and activities.

Kristen is such a good mom!

School house

Story from a witch!

Catching bubbles!!!

Cute friends!

Trolly ride

Train ride

Indian stories in a tepee.

It was a super fun day full or super fun memories!

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Wendy said...

Jonathan and I took William (who is 4 today)to that Halloween party, too! It was awesome. Your kids are darling.