Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wayne built a workbench!

I don't know what has happened to my husband, but he has turned SO HANDY! When we got married, he didn't know how to do much, but now, he can do anything! To be fair... I didn't really know how to cook!

Good job sweetie!

Nutcracker 2010

Wayne took Sophie to their annual Nutcracker date. I don't remember how many times they have even done this, but they had so much fun!

I took Con to Bountiful Rec Center to swim. It was way fun! I can't seem to locate the photos though :(

Christmas Clothes

I snapped a few pics of us all in our Christmas clothes.

I know I am huge... Don't judge!

Ugly Sweater Party

Yep, we looked super hot for the ugly sweater party with our friends. It was a super fun night, even it we did look like freaks! Everyone else did too!

Christmas in the Bedroom!

I hung mistletoe over our bed. Isn't it pretty?

The kids each have miniature trees of their own in their bedrooms, so I thought Wayne and I (needed) one. :) I tried to make it sentimental, and hung a photo of us from every year we have known each other. It turned out so pretty!

Wayne even liked it!

Family Game Night

So, we decided to order Chinese food, and stay in for a game night. It was the most fun!

We each wore holiday hats, and gave ourselves a mew holiday name. We had to call each other by that name. If we didn't, and called someone by their real name, we had to take a lump of (candy) coal.

I don't know why some of these photos are dark.

Here's the coal!

It was a super fun and memorable night! Here are some of the prizes.

I plan to do it again next year!

Porch at Christmas

This year, I wanted something cheery, bright, and nontraditional!
I think I got it! I made the pillows and the wreath.

Sinterklaas Day and Mom's birthday!

This year, we got to go see Sinterklaas and Swart Pete for the first time! They just happened to be at The Old Dutch store in Sugarhouse.
We met Opa and Yia yia there. Opa is 1/2 Dutch you know!

I think the kids liked it.

Sinterklaas Eve also happened to be my birthday. So, we celebrated it all. We had dinner in the formal dining room, which is always special and fun.

Wayne and the kids made me a cake.

The kids decorated it. They were sure to put lots of sprinkles on top!

Having your picture taken when you are nine months pregnant is never flattering, but it is what it is!

I love my family! Thanks for the great birthday!

Time for Sinterklaas stories... the stories my dad was told when he was a child, by his father.

The kids love Opa, and love the stories. My dad had a heart attack Feb 26, 2010. I am so glad he made it, and is here to celebrate another holiday with us! Love you Dad!

The kids LOVE trying the shoes on every year!

Look what Sinterklaas brought!





He also left white bread and sprinkles, a traditional Dutch breakfast, eaten with butter on the bread, and then sprinkles on top of that.

Look HOW EXCITED they were to find their shoes! I think they are both jumping!

Sinterklaas left a Sinterklaas nutcracker...

...and a Sinterklaas ornament!

Time for breakfast!

They even got to take it for lunch that day!