Saturday, May 10, 2008


I wouldn't be a mom if it wasn't for my kids. I love you kids.
I am lucky to get to be your mommy! I love it when I hear your cute little voices call my name. Will you do it forever? Some days I wish I could freeze you, so you would never change, but I know that's not the way. I have loved you both at every stage of your lives. I am looking forward to all the stages to come, and the memories we will make.
I love you.


Candy said...

What a darling picture of you and the kids.
Sounds like you have some great examples of Motherhood.
Oh, and fun Moab pics too.

Wendy said...

You look so gorgeous! I hope you're feeling better.

Aunt Chris said...

What an AWESOME picture. I love you Risa. You were a beautiful little baby, little girl and you just don't stop do ya. WOW you are quite the looker. DUH (could it be the Hill in you) Kidding~~NOT Your little darlings are precious. :)