Friday, May 30, 2008

Walk... Ride down memory lane...

Over the river and through the woods, the Grandmother's house we go... Well, not exactly, but it did feel that way at times. We went to visit my Grandparents on Sunday for Conrad's birthday, and because we missed them while they were in Arizona.

My cute grandma organized for a carriage to pick us up, and drive us around Garland. It was SO fun to sit with them, and see the city. The carriage was cool, white, with blue velvet seats. The kids loved it. We had such a fun day.

Grandpa told us he remembers as a boy, they wouldn't plow the streets, and when it would snow, they would hook the horses up to a sleigh, and do, "donuts," on the streets! I have never done a donut like that before. What a different time it was!

Sophie got to sit by Grandma. What fun!

After the carriage, we visited the graves. Starting with Uncle Dustin's grave. Grandma was a bit teary. Grandpa brought water for the many flowers. I still miss Uncle Dustin. I am a year older than he was when he died. It was a life cut short.

In front of Dustin's grave.

Above is a photo of Conrad sitting on the tomb stone of his name sake, Alfred Conrad Toland. My Great Grandfather. He went by Conard, from what I understand.

This tomb stone shot is the names of the 16 children my Great Grandma Christina Hill had. Wow... I think 2 kids are a handful. My grandpa used to tell me that they used to take turns sleeping in the bed. 6 kids would sleep from 6pm to midnight, and then 6 others would sleep from midnight to 6 am. I used to believe him!

We visited the war memorial in the center of town, and
Grandpa pointed out his name on the WWII plaque.

He stood with Sophie and Conrad in front of the Korean was soldier statue. His name is not listed on the Korean war plaque, even though he served. I hope they will list it soon.

After all the site seeing, we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's house for my grandma's home cooked roast beef meal. Now I know where my mom learned to cook! It was great. After dinner, Sophie and I looked at her jewelry and beads, while the boys hung out. Before we left, Grandma and Grandma showered the kids with presents. They were entertained the whole ride home. All week the kids have been saying how nice Grandma Pam, and Grandpa Don are. I agree. It was such a fun day. We are so thankful for Grandparents. I see why people call them Grandparents.
They truly are GRAND!


Wendy said...

What a fun day for your family. I'm glad to see someone else goes to visit the graves for Memorial Day.

Shieldsfam said...

looks like a fun trip!

jenny said...

so it's me Jenny from Karate I am finally checking out your blog! I just wanted to say Hi we miss you at Karate! that is so sweet of your Grandma are you talking about Garland UT my family is from there also! keep in touch