Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Girls tRips aRe the beSt!

I LOVE my new neighborhood, and I LOVE my new girlfriends!
A few of us went to St George for the weekend. It was so much fun.

Wherever there are girls, there will be pink! We went to Wal-mart, and bought pink floats. It was like a mist of pink in the pool. It was so nice to relax... after we got them blown up and we weren't lightheaded any more!

We went to Tuacan, and saw Sound Of Music. It was great fun. They always put on a great show!

Yes, we saw a real storm trooper in Target. We stopped him... well, I did, and asked for a photo with him. He said yes, as long as we didn't tell his wife! hehe. It was a fun night!


Candy said...

How fun is that!
Looks lik you had a great time.
We girlies have to look forward to times like those.

Mindi said...

Looks fun! Aren't girlfriends great?!

Cristy said...

That looks like so much fun! You naughty girls with the storm trooper, I know what Holly is thinking :)

Michelle said...

Looks like some good times!