Thursday, June 19, 2008

Recital Season

Sophie's recital is tonight. This is her 3rd year in dance. I have to admit that every time I attend a recital, or dress rehearsal, I get a bit teary. There is just something about seeing your sweet innocent daughter up on stage with other sweet innocent girls, feeling the music, and dancing their little hearts out in a tutu bum. Maybe it is the fluff, maybe it is the music, maybe it is so much youth and innocence all in one room. I just love it, and am looking forward to attending the full recital tonight. Doesn't she look so pretty???

Conrad sat through the rehearsal, bless his heart. He was a bit bored, but happy to see his sis after it was all over.

I took some of the cute neighbor girls to the rehearsal, and thought I would take a few shots of them and their best poses, afterwards. Sophie, MaKenna, and Izzy. Aren't they cute?

There really is something about a tutu bum. I just love it!


Mindi said...

Risa! Sophie is gorgeous! :) Great photos.

Wendy said...

What a beautiful ballerina! Does she take lessons from Clytie Adams? I know Byers' girls are in a recital tonight and they take from her. I loved it when Megan took dance, too.

Kim said...

She is beautiful. I love the black and white picture. I can't wait for Addy to take dance!

Candy said...

Those pics are great! Sophie is a beauty! Love the b&w