Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My three favorite men in the whole world!

My cute dad stopped in last night, while Conrad and Wayne were playing trains. When I went in the room, it was such a happy site. I just had to take a picture. It made my heart happy!

Conrad has a whole slue of train hats and bandannas. Wayne said Conrad was the only one in control of the controller. Wayne never even touched it. Conrad knew just what to do to couple the trains.

Look mommy, a tundle!

When my dad was leaving, I said, "Conrad it so cute. " My dad agreed, and added, "Conrad has a good dad." I couldn't agree more. I feel so blessed with the men in my life. Thank you!

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Candy said...

on to comment #3... ;0)
Your posts were just all so cute.
I LOVE that Wayne and your Dad put the engineer hats on and sat on the ground right along with Conrad.
That is the best!