Tuesday, March 9, 2010

16 girls in a LIMO, and what do you get? Lots of giggles!

I have the BEST brother!!! He owns VIP limousine, and offered to have a limo party for Sophie's birthday this year. She got to invite 16 friends, and she chose every last one of them, with no help from mom. It was a hard choice, as there are so many darling girls around here and at school. We had a great time!!!

Uncle Mace in his suit with Sophie after the party.

We stopped at a park for cupcakes and a photo shoot.

This is how the interrior was set up when the girls arrived. Each one got her own pair of glasses, and a noise maker, or two.

Coonrad got to come along for part of the trip.

He held the door with Uncle Mace for the girls.

This is another pic of Soph and Uncle Mace before the party. He came to the school to pick her up. All the kids were staring, and wondering who the limo was for. I went into the school to get her, and when she came out, a group of kids was waiting to see who she was, and they formed two lines, and told her to walk between them so they could clap for her. She did, and it was SO cute. She was a bit embarrassed, but I think she liked it deep down.

Mommy and Soph before picking up the girls.

My mom came to help. She rode in the back, and kept track of Conrad and the presents.

A pillow fight erupted at the end.

Soph wanted to spend as much time in the limo as possible, including opening presents.

We told all the girls to wear their favorite outfits, and did a little photo shoot... this is where the pictures start. They were all such cute little posers!

I grew to love all these darling little girls even more that day. I hope they will all stay friends for years to come, and make many more fun memories in the future!!!

Did I mention, while we were in the limo, I blasted tons of girly-girl songs, including, "Girls just wanna have fun," and, "Party in the USA"? We did have SO MUCH FUN!!!


Aubrie Knight said...

How cute it that. What an awesome idea for a party!

Rebecca Neville said...

So much fun!! I love that there were 16 GIRLS!! that is Awesome:)

Wendy said...

Sophie is such an adorable eight-year-old! What a fun party! And she did a great job on her cake.

Mark and Bethany said...

I love it all! A Birthday can't get much more fun than that! My favorite picture is Sophie shooting Wayne with the silly string. :) I love the baptism dress too! Good job Risa!

Candy said...

What a SUPER FAB birthday dream for Soph! She will ALWAYS remember this. The girls will talk about this when they're in high school. And someone will post the group photo on Facebook and tag everyone...with their married names!!!