Monday, March 22, 2010

What to do on a day off school?!?

The kids were off school today, and we wanted to do something fun, so we decided to go to a few feed stores to look at the baby animals, and to pick up fertilizer for Wayne. I brought the camera, knowing I could get some cute pics. We picked up Yia yia, and headed out.

I like to post pics of my kids in my house around the holidays to go with whatever holiday it is. (Like at Halloween, I frame and display a picture of them in costume, or at a pumpkin patch from past years.) I ran into my friend Jill Denning, who was telling me how she had Easter pics of her kids done with a rabbit, and I thought it sounded darling. I know this is nothing professional, but it works for what I wanted to do :)

This is my favorite pic of Con!

This is my favorite pic of Soph.

Yia yia taught them all about how to handle bunnies, and they were instant pros! Thanks for the help Yia yia!


thefab5 said...

Risa, you are the cutest!!! Fun pics of your kids.

P.S. I love running into you!

thefab5 said...

Oh, if you are interested in doing the bunny pics I think she's going to do another session. It's $50 and you get a disc with 10 edited pics on it. The bunny is DARLING! Black and white and so soft. Let me know if you're interested, 801-540-7256.