Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's day!

The leprechauns did come this year, but we didn't catch one. Sophie woke me up telling me all about it. She was super excited. Conrad cried all morning that they didn't bring candy this year, and that the coins were not even real. Hum, I think he is lucky they even came at all!

This is what they brought. Sophie was so excited to wear her wig to school. I told her she could only wear it before class. I think she felt pretty cool walking in. Kind of looks like an 80's hair band hair!

This is Con's trap. He was so proud of it! He taped gold buttons around the perimeter, because we all know leprechauns like shiny things, and they love gold!

This is Sophie's trap. She left them a swimming pool, and a bed in the trap. I love how creative my kids are!

They are only young for a little while, and we are making the most of it! I hope this will be a fun memory for them.

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