Monday, March 1, 2010

V-day dinner with Wayne

This year for Valentines Day, we decided to stay home, and I was in charge. So, I tried my hardest to come up with something a little different than usual. We traded kids with the neighbor, and had the house to ourselves. We had a candle-lit dinner by the fire in the living room.

I wanted to do a 40's housewife theme, and tried to dress the part.

Hum... should I admit there may have been a little 40's pin-up as well?

It took me long enough to do my hair and makeup, that I just had Wayne pick up take-out from Mandarin. Not very 40's housewife, I know.

It was a fun and memorable night.
I love you Wayne!


Kim said...

Wayne is one lucky guy!

Candy said... are soo good!