Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So, I had two events that I am hosting this month... Sophie's baptism luncheon, and a baby shower. I thought about buying paper goods for each, and it seemed like a waste of money, and is not the most environmentally friendly thing to do.

I was at... you guessed it... DI the other day, and found these serving dishes and matching cups, and knew I had to have them. They had 30 matching pieces, and I was able to talk the manager into cutting the price almost in half, as I was buying the whole set. The next day, I found more trays that matched at Savers, and the next week, I found even more at another DI. I believe I have around 45 altogether.

What I like about glass dishes:

They are super sturdy, and don't bend when they hold a lot of food.
They are environmentally friendly.

They look beautiful!

They bring a different kind of elegance to a party.
Becasue they are from DI, I am not worrying if one gets broken. (Nothing did break, by the way, and we had a bunch of kids here.
It was fun to watch people's faces as they picked them up, and were surprised to be holding a real dish!

I was too busy during the luncheon to take any pictures of food on the plate. I will try to remember on Saturday! It really did look pretty though. :)

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