Saturday, April 3, 2010

Newest members of the Baker family!!!

Conrad meeting his new pet for the first time.

Wayne told the kids he did not give the Easter Bunny permission to give us any bunnies, and that he wanted to give them to a pet store. He made them promise they would take care of and feed every day. We hope they will!

I think these bunnies have grown on Wayne. He told me privately that they are pretty cute.

Right after Soph saw the bunnies, she put on her boots, and said she was going to look for their bunny house. She found it in the side yard. How did she know?!? Look how nice and sturdy it is!

It has two separate rooms, and two separate entrances. I love that it has windows to look into the burrow!


Brad Kami and kids said...

OH I LOVE THEM!! (The bunnies AND your kids!) How cute to see their surpised faces and how excited they are! What a fun idea for Easter morning...can we come see them?

Wendy said...

Cute bunnies...they are so little! You know how to do a holiday right.