Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cute friends that came to the baptism and lunch



Bear and Angie
Bill and Rona

Mia Deeds

Brooklyn Dickamore

Evia Landvatter

Margaret and Allen

They kindly had a beautiful necklace made engraved with Sophie's name and birth stone. Sophie LOVES it, and it was the first necklace she chose to wear to school the Monday after she got baptized. What a thoughtful and kind gift! Thank you grandma and grandpa Baker!

Darin and Kathy

My cute bff Becky and her new daughter Stella were out visiting from Ohio, and were able to come. It made the whole day that much better... Love you Becky!

Hailey Peck

Samantha Peck

Cute cousin Emily

Kaia Avie

Kate Nord

Izzy Nord (who is darling even with her eyes closed!)

Adie Butcher

Kira Butcher

Ryan and Izzy

Kyler Deeds

Troy, Margaret, Ryan, Will

BJ and Troy

Kira and Em

Hailey and Adie

Karen, Evia, and Sophie (Soph sat by Evia the whole dinner. They love each other!)

Kate, Sam, Izzy

Kyler and Will

Julissa (my cute friend for the past 12 years) and Kaia Avie. I was so glad they could make it!

We felt so loved and so much support from everyone. We love you all, and thanks to my girls who helped out with the food. I never could have done it without you!!!

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