Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My cute friend Christine gave me the idea to serve some of Sophie's favorite foods for her baptism luncheon on Saturday. So, when I asked her what they were... this is what she told me:

Bologna sandwiches with only Mayo and bread
Peanut butter and celery
Banana cake with browned butter frosting

I figured we could serve those things in addition to a bunch of other things (adults would want to eat), so I made this little sign to display on the table, so people knew why we were serving what we were serving. I used the same fonts and colors as the invitations.

I got the frame at DI for $2, and this is how it looked before I painted it:

This is the lovely bologna display:

I spent a total of $2.75 for a dish and a candle stick at the DI.
I put them together with command strips, because I didn't want to have to keep it set up when I stored it, and it worked SO well! See the command strips below? I used three.

This is how they looked when I bought them.

I didn't want to take all the peanut butter out and put it in a dish, so I came up with this creative way of hiding the original packaging...


Do you recognize the paper? It is left over from the banner. It matched the table and banner perfectly!!! Not too bad for a kids food choice :)

Last but not least... the banana bars with browned butter frosting. I think I may have to post this recipe. They are fantastic!!!

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