Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Conrad came home a few weeks ago, and the bunny hutch was open, and Black ears was gone... He was SO SAD! We looked all over the yard, and in the field behind our house, and didn't find him. We said a few prayers, but Wayne and I decided chances were very slim that we would find him, so we got Con a new bunny.

We had been home 5 minutes with the new bunny, when Kiley, the cute neighbor, found Black ears in the back yard. We learned a good lesson that day, to trust in Heavenly Father. He will always answer our prayers, just on his own time, not ours.

We named the brown bunny Dash, because it always escapes, and it takes us 10 minutes to get it back in the cage every time. We are thinking of letting it go in the field behind out house.

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