Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Easter craft

Conrad helped me pick out these cute little Easter house kits from Michael's when they were on sale for $4. The kids and I did them this morning. I thought they turned out darling!

I thought it was fun to see how each kid did theirs a little different.

They were very happy with the results!

Soph wanted to make sure I got a picture of the back as well.

Time for Easter eggs!!!

Conrad has been asking since Christmas when we get to dye Easter eggs, and last night was the night. The kids were super egg-cited, and the eggs were boiled to perfection, thanks to Wayne.

We bought a few different kits, and the glitter kit was a waste, but the other more traditional kits worked beautifully!

Con made sure to keep his three favorite colors by him the whole time:
1) Orange 2) Yellow 3) Blue

Sophie had fun writing all our names on the eggs.


So, yesterday, Sophie came with me to run errands. She was motor-mouthing the whole time. I didn't mind. I think it's fun to listen to her. Right in the middle of it, she asked, "Mom, have you ever talked so fast and so much that you forgot to breath for like ten seconds, and then you get dizzy?" I told her I hadn't, and she says it happens to her all the time.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Did I mention...?

Did I mention I want one of these? Seriously... how DARLING and SWEET?!? I am now on a mission to talk Wayne into getting one of these. We have been talking about what to get the kids, and we both have cat allergies. I think a bunny would be PERFECT, and would provide excellent fertilizer!

OK Wayne... what's it going to take?

What to do on a day off school?!?

The kids were off school today, and we wanted to do something fun, so we decided to go to a few feed stores to look at the baby animals, and to pick up fertilizer for Wayne. I brought the camera, knowing I could get some cute pics. We picked up Yia yia, and headed out.

I like to post pics of my kids in my house around the holidays to go with whatever holiday it is. (Like at Halloween, I frame and display a picture of them in costume, or at a pumpkin patch from past years.) I ran into my friend Jill Denning, who was telling me how she had Easter pics of her kids done with a rabbit, and I thought it sounded darling. I know this is nothing professional, but it works for what I wanted to do :)

This is my favorite pic of Con!

This is my favorite pic of Soph.

Yia yia taught them all about how to handle bunnies, and they were instant pros! Thanks for the help Yia yia!

Easter gift for my primary kids!

One of our stops today was the Dollar store, and my mom and I decided to make these CUTE gift bags for the kids in our primary classes. Those kids are so lucky! ;)

The finished product

Each kids gets jelly beans, ring pop, and a sugar candy filled carrot. We hope they love it as much as we love them!

Zhu Zhu Pets

The kids have wanted these for a very long time!!! Con got money from winning a drawing at the Dentist (Alpine Dental in Farmington - Dr. Leaver, Thanks Ben!) Sophie had gift cards to Target that she got for her birthday. They waited until the Zhu zhu's went on sale, and it happened to be this week, so we went to Target, and got them. They have played for hours today - seriously hours. I am not kidding. The whole thing is cuter than I thought it would be, and I am glad they got it. And... Yia yia bought them the twirly ramp as an early Easter gift. Thanks Yia yia!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Bike for Con

We got Con the bike he learned to ride on two years ago, and he has officially OUTGROWN it! He is a little OBSESSED with riding his bike, and rides pretty much every day. It was sad to watch him though, because he would petal so fast, and not get very far. This new bike makes him MUCH FASTER! He's even faster than Sophie!

He and Wayne went to 3 bike shops, before settling on this bike. Con got to pick the color.

He is excited it has a kick stand... even though you can't see it in the picture. His last bike didn't.

His favorite thing to do is go off jumps! I don't know what we would do it we didn't have our sidewalk for him to ride on.

I am sure he will have hours and hours of fun on this bike.

Sportsman's Expo for Con and Dad

Wayne was a good dad/husband today, and not only took the camera with him, but used it to capture memories. Thanks Wayne! Thanks Con for being such a cute little poser!

He is going to fill us in on all the pics when he gets a minute.

When Conrad woke up this morning he asked Risa "Do you know what today is Mommy?" "We are going to spend MAAN time together!" I don't know where he heard, or got that, but it was certainly about as manly of a day as it gets! For those who haven't experienced the Expo, it is a bit stinky at times depending on who you are standing by and the proximity of that person. It is Redneck Central! Conrad asked me multiple times "Daddy, what's that smell?" I wanted to reply "Tobacco and BO." but I didn't.

Conrad saw the door open to this and cried "HUMMER!!! Can I get in?" He proceeded to jump in and started to turn the steering wheel. Conrad LOVES Hummers!

Anyone who knows Conrad knows that he loves animals of all kinds! He was thrilled to be able to hold a real live black bear cub! The bear's claws were quite sharp and it made a loud grunting noise the whole time Conrad held it. Conrad laughed with delight and said "Daddy, I think he might have a cold, because he has a frog in his throat." We plan to stop at Bear World in June. By then these cubs will be 80 pounds!

This cub's fur was very soft. Conrad stroked it's fur for 5 min. This cub wasn't a grunter. I was amazed at their paws. They didn't have much fur on them, and they almost looked like little hands with long fingernails. Conrad said his favorite thing at the show was holding the bears.

The main thing Conrad remebers about the Expo from two years ago was Dock Dogs. The dog owners get the dogs all jacked up to go and retrieve a stuffed toy. One can tell the dogs totally LOVE doing this. It is play time for the dogs! The purpose of this event is to retrieve the toy in the least amount of time. The platform is 2 feet above the water's surface, so it makes quite a splash when the dogs hit the water running at full speed. Conrad and I watched this show for about 30 minutes. He loves animals, so this was a huge hit for him!

Conrad wanted to tie some flies. The volunteers were extremely kind and patient with the kids. Conrad tied two different variations of a traditional woolly bugger. They asked him what colors he wanted to use, and he picked out the material.

Conrad worked the bobbin with a tremendous amount of skill. He loved tying flies, and asked if he could do it at home! This makes me very proud! I will have to get my kit out of the basement so we can tie some flies together. Who knows, maybe Conrad's small fingers will be able to tie those tiny delicate size 24 dry flies with more success than I have?

Con loves taking the boats for a "dry" test run. The boats were lined up right next to each other and you could hop from vessel to vessel.

The DWR put together many great booths that were not only fun for the kids, but very educational. This exhibit taught about erosion. Conrad loved this event, and helped them put the eroded sand back together in the model mountain and river. In fact he loved it so much we did this event six times! I liked playing in the sand and seeing the water wipe out the little buildings, bridges and people. In this photo his is pointing out the the fence is broken so the animals are able to escape from the farm. Too funny!

I do believe Conrad had a great time. Tonight in prayers he said "Please bless that the year can go by quickly and we can go to the sportsman's expo again soon" Thanks for being such a fun Son Conrad. Thanks for making this day truly special!

New Blog for Me!

As you know, I went private with this blog last week. I had a feeling that I needed to, mostly as protection for my children. I got a few strange comments, and didn't feel comfortable with people having such an intimate look at my families life - mostly the kids. Also, I wanted to start listing all my projects separately, as many of them have nothing to do with the kids. I might double list (if something is fun for the kids or a holiday memory), but maybe not. I haven't decided. Santa had our blog bound into a book last year, and it was my most cherished gift. It gave me a renewed commitment to blogging, because that book really is like a journal/scrapbook for our family.

I would love you to visit my new blog. I am going to try to get some traffic, and maybe even make some money off it. We will have to see :)

Sophie's new wallet

Sophie got a new wallet at the DI today, and decided to make herself a few cards to go in it, along with a drivers license. I told her I would laminate them if she made them. She was sure to do TJ Maxx, Ross, and Target cards first. She is SO my daughter! :)

It turned out CUTE!

She is excited to play with Conrad, and pretend he is the cop, and she will show him her license when she gets pulled over.

Spring Planting

Sophie and I went to Wal-mart today, and she helped me pick out the most beautiful flowers. Spring pots are my favorite!!! I am SO happy when I see ranunculus in the stores every year. Today was a happy day!

First we had to empty the pots to get them up on the porch, as they were SO heavy. I got the wheel barrel out. It hadn't been used since last year, and so I dumped stinky water out, and Sophie could barely stand the smell. So, she thought she would put a clothes pin on her nose. She is funny.

Soph did everything from fill the pots and plant, to water and put in more top soil. We had a super fun girls day together today. I hope we have MANY more to come. I love her so much.

Man Time!!!

This morning, I was awakened with Conrad's cute little voice asking, "Mommy, did you know what's today?" I said, "No, what?" He replied, "Man time!!!" in the cutest little excited voice. Wayne promised him if he could obey, and make good choices this week, that they would go to the sportsman's expo. Con has been a good boy this week, so they are going, and Con can't wait! I hope they have fun!

Friday, March 19, 2010

St. Patty's Day after school snack

This was the after-school-snack for the kids on Wed. They were super excited. Christine, Candy and I made them together. Well, Candy made the cupcakes, and we decorated them together. They were fun to do, and the kids LOVED them!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's day!

The leprechauns did come this year, but we didn't catch one. Sophie woke me up telling me all about it. She was super excited. Conrad cried all morning that they didn't bring candy this year, and that the coins were not even real. Hum, I think he is lucky they even came at all!

This is what they brought. Sophie was so excited to wear her wig to school. I told her she could only wear it before class. I think she felt pretty cool walking in. Kind of looks like an 80's hair band hair!

This is Con's trap. He was so proud of it! He taped gold buttons around the perimeter, because we all know leprechauns like shiny things, and they love gold!

This is Sophie's trap. She left them a swimming pool, and a bed in the trap. I love how creative my kids are!

They are only young for a little while, and we are making the most of it! I hope this will be a fun memory for them.