Friday, March 7, 2008

The Big Day

Sophie was begging to open presents the minute she woke up this morning!

The kids wanted to sleep in their dad's t-shirt last night for bed. They were still wearing them this morning when Sophie opened presents. Soph got a new pair of roller skates. She was so excited. I bet she will be a pro by the end of the summer.

Wayne and I didn't give Sophie any toys for her b-day... mostly much needed clothes for spring and summer. This is the outfit she chose to wear today. She wanted me to do her hair like Hannah Montana.

Can you say 25 kids??? I don't know what possessed me to invite them all, but it ended up being fun. Big thanks to my sweet girlfriends who helped me. I NEVER could have done it without you: Donnalynn MacArthur, Kristine Peck, and Carrie Larson. I love you girls! Oh... I almost forgot to mention Barry, DL's hubby. Thanks Barry for playing games with the kids. I think they liked your station best! It was fun for all the rest of us to watch you boogie to Chipmunk rap!

Sophie blowing out the candles. She did really well, and they were spread out around the cake. We had a family party tonight. The guest list included... Bear and Angie, Holt and Lindy, Darin, Karen and Evia, Grandma and Grandpa Baker, and Wendy and Corey Orme. I was so glad to see them all, and feel so loved and supported by them all. Thank you! We love you!

Topped a great night off with a sleepover! Haley Peck and Sophie are having Sophie's first non-relative sleepover as I type. They are watching Sophie's new movie... Barbie Mariposa. They have been giggling and darling all night.


Chris said...

Sophie...Wow looks like a really fun party! And you are a big 6 years old. Seems like just yesterday that you were born! And 25 kids at your party! Your mom is nuts...but then we all know she is ultimate party giver...not a detail left undone. Hope it was fun, love ya, Ms. Chris

Dame said...

okay, that song makes me want to put on a kimono and run around like a crazy hello kitty lover....can you please change it!!
hey, do you have a 2T cream wedding dress Cozy can borrow for a wedding in april?
cute party...holy "invite the whole neighborhood!". you can handel so much more than I can!!
how fun!!