Saturday, March 1, 2008

The New Kitchen Table

Anyone that knows me, knows that I get very proud of myself when I find a good deal! So... I had this table picked out at Ashley. It was $2,500. We both loved it, and wanted it, but need to put in the yard, and do so many other things with the money right now. We couldn't justify it. So, I looked through the classifieds daily, and found this table in the picture - brand new - in the box, for $250... yes, $250! I was so excited. We went and got it, and it ended up matching perfectly! I love it, and love the chairs, I am now looking for some large carved wooden and upholstered chairs to go on either end. I tell Wayne every day that he should be so thankful for my thriftiness! I think he is starting to appreciate it.

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