Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Sophie March 7, 2008

Dear Sweetest Sophie,

During your birthday week, I wanted to tell you that we love you so much. We are so happy to call you our daughter. You are a wonderful example to us and to your brother. You have blessed our lives in countless ways. Your smile lights up the room. You will always be our dolly.

My Dear Sweet Daughter Sophie

My dear sweet daughter Sophie
I love you oh so much
Your big blue eyes
Your soft white skin
So gentle to the touch

Your happy smile, the gentle way
You interact with others
You know each day, I’m very proud
I get to be your mother.

My dear sweet daughter Sophie
I’ve loved you six whole years.
When I think of your sweet life,
It fills my eyes with tears.

My dear sweet daughter Sophie,
You’re growing every day
Sometimes I’d like to freeze you,
But I know that’s not the way.

My dear sweet daughter Sophie
When I was just a girl
When I would play, I dreamed the day,
That you’d be in the world.

I love you so much Sophie, and am blessed and lucky to be your mommy. You are the best daughter I could ask for, and have made my dreams come true. Now, I hope I can help make your dreams come true. I will love you always and forever. Love, Your Mommy

Lyrics to the Happy Birthday, by Innocence Mission:

When you wake up sun will shine.
We will not go under any cloud.
Let balloons go up in town,
ring out every bell.
Happy birthday, beautiful,
all the birds of this day
sing a song, sing a song.

Dream of trains carrying you
through the state parks with the cherry flowers.
When you wake up it will be
the beginning of the world.
Happy birthday, beautiful,
in the fields of this day
hear a song, hear a song.

Oh, undeserved sweetness and light,
stay by my side.
We will go out in the morning now,
a crown of maple leaves, a crown of flowers
circling your sweet head.
Happy birthday, beautiful,
in the streets of this day
play a song, play a song.

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Dame said...

RISA~what a cute girl! she totally looks like you Risa...with a hint of Wayne. i love the photo on the top....little model!
hope she had a great girly bday.Atticus and I were talking about her yesterday, but didnt get a chance to call. I told him the story about his birth. We will blog our boy bday party soon.
lots of love, HALEY