Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We CaN"T aFFoRD To SaVe So MuCH MoNeY !!! - Wayne Baker

So... I look through the classifieds daily. I found this armoire, and got a great deal on it! I just wanted to post the pic. I talked them down $55, so I got it for $125!!!

View from above.

View from living room.

I got this print for $1... yes $1! It is a Greg Olsen, called Presentation of Christ to Simeon.
I am happy to add it to the collection.


Mindi said...

Very impressive Risa!! I hear the same thing... Colby reminds me that I'm actually "spending money to save it". He just doesn't get it!

Is Craig's list big in your area? It's a great resource here- an online garage sale. So many people are discarding perfectly decent things... sometimes for free... and my favorite part about posting is that someone comes and pays YOU to let them take it away! It's fabulous!

Dan&Patrice said...

Love your house!!! You will have to teach me how to find all of your bargins!!! LOVE IT!