Sunday, March 2, 2008

Special Day For Mom

Conrad gave his first talk in primary about a month ago. He was so proud of himself, and was asking when he can do it again. I told him he has to wait his turn. So... we were sitting in church today, and Conrad was on my lap. He looked up at the podium and asked if he could give a talk up there. I was starting to tell him that he is too young to give talks in sacrament, and that he can do it when he is twelve, when I remembered it is fast Sunday! So... I told him I would take him up so he could bear his testimony. He was so anxious, and asking to go up during the sacrament, and while the bishop was starting the meeting. I told him what I was going to help him say. After the bishop finished, Conrad and I headed up. One guy beat us to it. He sat reverently and waited with his arms folded. When we went up, we pulled out the step, and they lowered the podium as low as it could go. He could actually see over! I didn't need to hold him. I helped him with his testimony, and after he finished, I bore mine. When it was time to step down, he did not want to go, and asked if he could give another talk. He started dragging his legs, and wouldn't walk, and started to cry a bit. I finally had to pick him up and carry him to our bench. After a few minutes, and he had calmed down, he asked if he could go up there again. We will see if this becomes a pattern. I hope he always has a testimony, and is proud to bear it. He is a wonderful, sweet boy. I love him so much!


Mindi said...

Guess you have a mini ham huh? That's sweet.

Dame said...

that is so cute. I think I would be afraid if Atticus tried that one....even at his age! Hey, i love the blog look. you must have been up late. I need to figure out how to make mine look cute!
oh, can you help me get furniture?