Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Advent Calendar!

Last year, a bunch of cute girlfriends and I made advent calendars for our kids for Halloween. They were not hard to make, but they were time consuming. I try to fill mine with mainly little crafts and activities, not many treats, as they get more than enough sugar this month. The kids were SO excited when I hung it up.

I started shopping early, like August, and I think I found great stuff. After Halloween last year, I gathered all the Halloween things floating around the house, and put them in a box. I ended up reusing some of the things from last year in the advent calendar too, and put them back in the pockets for the kids to get this year, and I don't think they even know!

The kids have something to look forward to every day when they come home from school, but they have to behave in order to get what is in the pockets.

Glow sticks for Halloween night.

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Shauna said... did you learn to be so crafty?!!