Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Studio 5

My friend Linda is a professional organizer, and was asking for tips to make cleaning easier. I submitted a few ideas, and she went to KSL with them. They loved the way I use my apron when I clean, so they came and filmed me in action last week. Here is a link to the clip, and the page.



jill d said...

You are so cute and what an awesome idea! Are you selling these cute aprons? You should...I'd buy. :0) You're house is beautiful!

Fatimah and her Men Folk said...

Sign me up as well. I would love to buy one.
You are truly wonderful. I have a hard time managing motherhood and wifedom and its cool to see women who make it look doable.

Love you!

Shauna said...

You are just too cute...and handy!! One of the many reasons I luv ya Risa! :}

Candy said...

love you to pieces.