Saturday, October 10, 2009

Haunted Woods!!!

Tonight we went to the Haunted Woods! We Went to dinner at Arctic Circle, so the kids could get a square pumpkin and flashlight ring, then headed out to Provo Canyon to catch the train. We waited in line for quite a while, and Con was way excited to see the train up close and personal. We decided to sit in an outside car. It was a bit chilly, but fun. We saw a few haunted scenes on the way, and listened to a few haunted stories over the speakers. A couple crazy characters walked the train on the way up. On the way down we went to an inside car, where it was much warmer. The characters from the scenes boarded the train. Sophie was crying: to put it in perspective... she cried at Bugs Life, in Disneyland! Conrad's eyes were really big, but he said he wasn't scared. They were happy to get off, and both of them said they didn't want to do that again!!! On the way home, Wayne told the kids he thought one of the scary guys was on top of the van, and then he rolled the kids windows down, and told them to punch the scary guy out. Both kids started screaming and freaking out!!! I had to tell them the truth. I never knew Wayne could be such a tease! Our kiddos are so much fun! We are glad to have them.

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jill d said...

Wayne, you are so mean! JK. I don't think my kids would be fans of that yet. They would probably have nightmares after. You guys are such fun parents. I need to follow your example more. :0)