Friday, October 9, 2009

Enchanted Woods

So, tonight we went to dinner at Pizza Factory (love the bread sticks!). Sophie was taking a bite of her pizza, when she lost her tooth! She found it on her plate, and saved it to bring home for the tooth fairy. Then we went to The Enchanted Woods at the Tree house Museum. We had a great time. My mom met us there with Emily and Allie. The kids dressed up, and got to go trick-or-treating, and listen to stories told by characters from nursery rhymes. It was fun, and the kids were darling. I had fun being there with my nieces, my kids, my cute mom, and my hot husband :) When we were driving home, Soph was playing with the flute she was given earlier, and Conrad didn't want to get his out, for fear of the rats following us home, as the Pied Piper was at the museum tonight, and told her story. hehe

The other pics at the first of the slide show are of a Halloween dinner we had on Thursday night. The kids helped make the witches. We had fun. When it came time for dinner, neither one of them would eat a meatball eyeball, and just opted for the plain meatballs.


Jolley's said...

so fun I saw the link to your blog from facebook. You look so amazing all the time, I need some help!!! have a great day!


Mark and Bethany said...

Oh fun! I wish I could eat dinner at your house so it could actually feel like Halloween. You are so festive and fun! It still feels like summer around here.