Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lava Hot Springs!

I We went to Lava Hot Springs in July, and it was SO MUCH FUN! We camped right on the river, and were within walking distance from the pools. I have to say... our camera was having issues, and so most of the pics are not good quality. Sorry.

Getting ready to ride the river. They were super excited, and we were told where to put in, and that it was a gentle ride - very suitable for the kids. I was pregnant at the time, and didn't want to ride, incase something happened, so I waited at the take-out.

I waited, and waited, and they never came. Finally, I saw them walking in the distance. They were all soaked, and Conrad was missing his flip flops. I guess they hit a rough patch, and all of them were thrown off their tubes head first. The kids were bawling, and Wayne was frantic to help them. After that, we went to get ice cream in town, and hoped to help them calm down. I wonder if they will dare to try it again next year.

Our set-up.

I bring crafts for thi kids to do every time we go anywhere. They loved filling up these bottles with colored sand.

Roasting marshmallows with no fire. It's the best way to do it, because you don't stink after.

The real way to eat a smore.

The BEST invention ever!!! Nutella on the smore instead of a chocolate bar. It is creamy, easy, and has a great flavor. Umm... I'm getting hungry!

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