Saturday, October 10, 2009

Utah Share - Walk To Remember

Today was a sweet day. We were able to participate a walk in honor of Molly, and families who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss. We got there and registered. We got our t-shirts with Molly, and many other babies names on it. We wrote a little note for Molly, to attach to a balloon, and we listened to a sweet poem, and tearful musical number, then we were given a balloon to hold, as we walked a path through Layton Park.

We met our friends Kim and Craig Helgesen there, and Kim's sister-in-law, Lindzi Helgesen. It was nice to be there with someone we knew, and feel their love and support.

After walking with all the other families, we went back to the amphitheater, and listened as the announcers called out the names of each baby lost. When your babies name was read, you let your balloon go, and watched it sail away. Before we let ours go, the kids hugged and kissed it. The kids each let a pink balloon go for Molly, and Wayne and I let a white balloon go for each of our other miscarriages. It was so sweet. It was touching for me to listen to all the names, and see the two announcers tearfully release a few balloons of her own, in honor of her baby(s) . It was especially touching to see all the many balloons there, and hear one woman in particular, who let off eight balloons. I can't even imagine how hard things have been for her.

I have a new appreciation for Utah Share, and even though they were not called on my behalf in the hospital, they have done, and continue to do so much good for families at such a hard time. They provided the blankets and hat Molly was dressed in in the hospital. I was thankful for all the volunteers who made today such a special one.

After letting the balloons off, and getting a snack and drink, the kids wanted to play in the park. We let them play for a few minutes, but it was so cold. They had a great time... after all, life does go on. It's a good thing it does.

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Elizabeth Larson said...

What a sweet experience. That is so wonderful that you were able to find out about that and participate in it for Molly. So sweet!

Kim said...

I am so happy we were able to do this together. Thanks for your friendship my sweet Risa.

jill d said...

Wow, just reading that I was very emotional and had the chills. What a sweet way to honor and remember your sweet Molly.

Shauna said...

Wow, how touching, and yet sad. I can only imagine the deep heartfelt feelings in that place that day. God Bless you & your sweet family!