Sunday, November 7, 2010

11 years

Wayne and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary by going to St. George for the weekend. My mom took the kids - thanks mom, and we headed out. We hadn't been alone together on vacation in a long time! We did some shopping, eating out, and hanging out. We also went to Tuachan and saw Cat's. It was a great show!

We also did some hikes in Zion.

In Zion, there were lots of poeple stopping on the trail to look at something... It was a mother owl about 20 feet away from her babies that were sitting in another tree.


We also talked to a man who was coming down from doing the Angel's Landing Trail. He had no legs, only prosthesis. It reminded me to be thankful, even though the hike was hard for me and my legs hurt, it must have been way harder for him.

Love you Wayne... Thanks for taking me away for the weekend.

On a side note... Farmington had record winds, and our tramp blew over the back fence. The neighbors had to rescue it. The kids were super worried. There were trees down all over the city. We missed everything, and the weather was perfect in St. George.

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Wayne Baker said...

You look so nice sweetie!