Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wayne's Birthday

This year I kept Wayne's birthday celebration low key. That's the way he likes it, but I can't help but torture him on big years. 36 is big, but not big enough to warrant a large party, so the kids and I threw one of our own.

Sophie was super excited to use the cook book she got for her birthday, and make Wayne a birthday cake. She chose the recipe.

Doesn't she look cute in her birthday apron that Lisa Jolley made for her?

Here is the cake. Turned out great, and was so yummy!

Handsome Daddy, and darling kids!

Homemade gifts first...

Then, drum roll... a power washer!

I love you Wayne. I can't imagine life without you. You make every day brighter. You are a great dad, and the perfect husband for me. Thank you for being you. You are the best!

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