Sunday, November 7, 2010

Conrad's b-day... As if the Cowboy Party wasn't enough!

After loading the pics for this post... I am beginning to think Conrad may be a little bit spoiled! We had his Cowboy Party early, so on his actual birthday, he wanted to do something. He got a free pass for Boondocks, so we thought we would give it a shot!

First thing we did was ride the bumper cars:

Both kids were a little excited... and nervous.

When the driving was over, they turn on a red light, and all the cars go park. Well, Conrad just sat there in the middle of the road, and wouldn't move. Wayne and I couldn't figure out what he was doing. They worker had to come take him in. After we talked to him, he told us, "You can't go when it is a red light." That was why he stopped. I hope he remembers that when he is a teenager!
Sophie had a blast!

After the cars, we went to the water boats. Sophie had a blast soaking people! Con was nervous about it at first, but loved it after a while.

Then, on to mini golf!

When we finished up, the guy's eyes lit up, and he let off steam. It was so fun, and the kids are actually pretty good golfers :)

We topped off our time there with a round of mini bowling.

After the Boondocks fun, we went hope to Conrad's requested birthday dinner


When you ask the birthday boy what he wants for his birthday meal... you never know what you're gonna get... It actually didn't taste too bad.

He wanted a cowboy cake with a horse trailer.

And he got it...

Of course he had to eat his Jello Soup in the back of the truck...

Thanks for the entertainment Conrad... It's never a dull moment with you!

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