Sunday, November 7, 2010

Con's b-day... a few more pics

I had to do one more quick post with a few of my favorite photos from Con's b-day. I didn't include them on my public blog, as I don't like to make things too personal there. I am happy to here though.

I really think panning for gold was the HIT of the party! The kids did it the longest. We got a book about the California Gold Rush a short time after his party, and after reading it, Con kept asking if we could go on family vacation to California so we could find gold and get rich! He is so funny :)

K, well maybe Cowboy Clint was the hit of the party... Did I mention how NICE it was of him to come all the way to our house on his horse? He was SO great to do it! The kids LOVED him. Con was the only one who got a ride, and I know he felt SO SPECIAL!

So cute - Thanks again Clint!

Well, maybe there were three main hits of the party...

How cool is it that Conrad's Kindergarten teacher stopped in?!? I love Mrs. Perez. Well, we all do, especially Conrad. I know he will remember forever that she came to his party. The kids swarmed her for quite a while. She was a great sport!

Thanks Mrs. Perez for making a great day just perfect!

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