Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Studio 5

A Studio 5 producer contacted me, asking what I was planning for my blog. I haven't been doing much, as I have been pregnant and tired, but I told her about a few things I did last year. She was very interested in a girlfriend Halloween Party I threw last year, and asked me to come on the show. I was super excited to do it, but felt a little LARGE! Oh well... it's part of life... right?

My mom and Kristen came to help, and they were SO MUCH help!
Thanks ladies!

Brooke and Darin, the hosts of the show were nothing but nice, and made me feel so comfortable :)

My Halloween display.


My mom

I don't know if these shots were taken during filming or not, but I am thinking maybe before?

It was so fun, and a great experience!

Here is the clip:

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