Sunday, November 7, 2010

Girlie's Day Out...

Sophie has a cute little friend named Haylie. Haylie's mom Christine, is one of my favorite friends. Christine asked me to come alone for Haylie's birthday party and take pictures of the girls activities. I was SO HAPPY to get to go!!!

We took a before shot of each girl. Here is Soph's:

Then we loaded them all in out mini van's, and headed to the DATC, where each girl was treated to an up-do, and manicure. Can you say spoiled?!?! Well, maybe lucky. They are all darling girls.

Soph got to have her hair done by my friend Heidi Dunlap, so that was extre special!

Thanks Heidi! I think I need to come take a curling lesson from you!

Then on to the polish!

After DATC, we went back to Haylie's house, where amazing Christine had set up a table for the girls to use as a catwalk. It was equip with lights and everything. It gave Soph a bit of anxiety to walk the walk, but she got over herself, and had some fun. These are all the cute girls that were there.

Here is cute Haylie after getting her hair done.

Here is pretty Soph after her make over.

Top 5 Things I Like About 8-year-old girls:

1) Their big teeth, and the cute little gaps in between.
2) How they want to be so grown up, and think they are.
3) Their innocence.
4) Their giggles.
5) Their darling sweet faces - especially Sophie's!

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