Monday, November 8, 2010

Day at the Zoo!

Summer time, and my mom and I decided to take the kids to the zoo. The weather was PERFECT, and we all had a great time! It is always more fun when Yia yia can be with us. Thanks for coming Mom.

I think the kids liked this trip to the zoo better than any other time they have ever been. They are old enough to appreciate all the different animals, and they were super excited about everything. They were telling me things they had learned about animals in school. This was by far the best trip to the zoo I have ever had. I have to giggle a little bit when I see people there with one baby in a stroller. I did it too, but I like it much better now :)

We always have to have a train ride!

They love trying to push the big water ball.

I remember this drinking fountain from when I was a kid. I like to take pics of my kids by it now.

This lady was talking about the owl. Con was a bit apprehensive at first.
Soph didn't m ind at all.

The thing the kids (and Yia yia) looked forward to the most was seeing Zuri the baby elephant.
She is darling, super full of energy, and kind of a spaz!

Elephant bones...

Con was sad to measure most closely to the Adult Female. Maybe next year buddy.

Soph is the size of the Adult Female.

Yia yia is almost the size of the Adult Male. No hope to ever get there though :)

I am the exact size of the adult male.

After seeing the animals, we always go to the playground.

Turtle Boy

Baby Chick

Dino egg?

I think the gopher holes are the kids favorites!

It was a fun perfect day. Thanks for the memories everyone!!!

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